Memphis Mold Testing Services

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Designed for the homeowner looking for an overall assessment of a property for mold and mold-related risks, a Mold Screen consists of: A non-invasive, visual assessment of readily accessible locations of the entire property (inside and exterior) for visible mold, and conditions that may indicate the presence of mold, or support the growth of mold, plus a report documenting any problem or risk areas, plus corrective actions. You also receive a handout filled with information regarding mold identification, prevention, and basic cleanup. If problem areas are detected, you may further opt for collection of samples for laboratory analysis. If sampling is performed, you will be provided with a written and/or e-mail Sample Analysis Report from the Lab identifying: Types and levels of molds read in samples along with sample locations; a description of each type of mold discovered; and a summary of findings.

Pricing is dependent on property size. Our mold testing services are available for residential and commercial properties. Please call for a quote.

Post-Cleaning Evaluation:

Don’t risk the potential consequences of a conflict of interest: Let Memphis Mold Inspector act as your unbiased third-party in determining the success or failure of professional mold remediation efforts! Post-Cleaning Evaluation consists of: A non-invasive, visual assessment for mold problems in the specific remediated area(s) designated by you, and collection of an appropriate number of samples for laboratory analysis. You will be provided with a Sample Analysis Report from the Lab with a summary of findings indicating if the mold problem that existed before the work began is no longer a mold problem. If desired, Memphis Mold Inspector can issue you an e-mail/written letter of clearance indicating cleanup was performed according to industry standards, or, if efforts are not successful, specifications for additional clean up. Memphis Mold Inspector will work with you until clean-up efforts are completed successfully.

Pricing varies with job size. Please call for a quote for all of your Memphis Mold Testing needs. Available for residential and commercial properties.