What do I get with a Mold Inspection?

What does the mold inspection process look like?

Mold InspectionA great customer experience is important to us. Memphis Mold Inspector shows up on time, every time to perform each  home or office inspection. We bring our testing equipment, an assortment of gages, and anything else we need to complete the inspection in a comprehensive and timely manner.

We begin by asking some exploratory questions concerning the occupants’ health, areas of suspected problems and any possible housing issues (water intrusions, for example). We then check your suspected areas, as well as conduct a thorough walk thru evaluation of potential problem areas. We then provide specific recommendations in regards to further specific mold testing and review any costs required. After a sales agreement is signed by both parties, payment is then received and a receipt is issued to the customer.

Memphis Mold Inspector assures an accurate inspection every time. The mold testing process begins with setting a humidity gage to determine the inside humidity levels of the property – between 40%-60% is the desired range. Next, a moisture gage that measures moisture up to ¾” inside wall is used in suspected problem areas as well as common moisture intrusion areas (under 17% is the desirable level). A pump with an Air-O-Cell cartridge is set up to take the outside control air sample. (This is done to give a base line reference point for the inside mold counts) Then, all the recommended inside air tests are performed. If any inside microbial growth areas are discovered during the mold inspection, Tape Lift samples will be taken at this time. All the samples are then sealed, secured and sent to an independent laboratory to be evaluated. Results from the laboratory will be received in 3-5 business days unless a 24-48 hour expedited order is requested.

As soon as the test results are received by Memphis Mold Inspector, we will review them, and forward them to the client. If the mold count results are in reasonable ranges, a call and explanation of the results with some possible solutions for improving ones overall air quality are given. If the results are above acceptable levels, or toxic and black mold are discovered, then remediation will be recommended. Memphis Mold Inspector is strictly a testing company and doesn’t do remediation; this is done to avoid any conflict in interest in the evaluation process. Memphis Mold inspector is bound by our professional ethics and business liability requirements to recommend only professional remediators and only if that process is necessary.

If you have any questions about the mold inspection process, or you need to schedule a mold inspection, please call 901.292.7788 or send us an email.