You’ve Tested for Mold, Now What?

Memphis Mold TestingDid you know Memphis is second in the nation in respect to outdoor allergens and 80% of non-food allergens that are caused by or irritated by mold? (Not our favorite Top List) The Indoor Air Quality Technicians (IAQ) claim indoor air quality is more than ten times worse than that of outdoor contaminates. (Kind of a scary thought as a Memphis resident, huh?!)

So once you have done your due diligence – you have made the important decision to have mold testing in your home by Memphis Mold Inspector. The results then came back in an acceptable range. (Thank goodness!) For a moment you feel a sense of relief… until you conclude, the causes for your red eyes, itchy throat, stuffy nose and allergens is not mold in your house; so, now what?! We’ve got an answer for you!

In Memphis, the next step to take would be to test your interior for V.O.C.s (volatile organic compounds). V.O.C.s is “off gases” from: carpet and adhesives, composite wood products, fabrics, vinyl floors and solvents. Other sources of V.O.C.s come from personal care products such as: cleaning and disinfecting chemicals, air fresheners, burning candles and cosmetics. Although many of these contaminates are odorless they still have many of the same dangers and characteristics of mold. Breathing even moderate levels of these pathogens for extended periods of time can cause health problems for people with compromised immune systems. V.O.C.s have been known to increase one’s risk of cancer, liver and kidney damage.

Memphis Mold Inspector holds all the certifications to do mold inspections, credentials to do V.O.C testing and this includes the most infamous V.O.C: formaldehyde. Be sure and ask about the Memphis Mold Inspector special bundle testing package that includes mold and V.O.C. testing. Please check back on our web site for further information and future blogs concerning more detailed knowledge on V.O.C.s and their effects on your everyday life.