Spring Maintenance Tips for a Healthy Home

Spring ushers in longer days of sunlight and warmer weather and it’s also good time to check the condition of a home or commercial property. Performing some preventive spring maintenance tasks now can help to ensure a property is in good condition to provide a safe, healthy and comfortable place for the months ahead.

Preparing a property for the spring and the upcoming hot summer temperatures could also help prevent costly repairs and increase the building’s energy efficiency. Equally important, some of these spring maintenance tasks could help prevent indoor environmental issues associated with mold and moisture, indoor allergens and other health and safety concerns.

Recommendations for preparing a property for the spring season include the following:
• Check smoke detectors and carbon monoxide sensors and change out the batteries.
• Change filters for the HVAC system and consider having the air conditioner checked by a qualified professional. Also inspect the air ducts for the buildup of dust and debris.
• Clean outdoor air conditioning components and clear vegetation from around the area.
• Remove leaves and obstructions from gutters and downspouts and ensure water is draining away from the building. Also check for any damage from past ice dams.
• Check the siding for any damage or areas that moisture could enter.
• Check for any damage to the chimney, vents and roof and be sure any skylights are properly sealed.
• Check windows and doors for drafts and be sure they are properly sealed. Inspect and replace any worn weather stripping.
• Consider having the clothes dryer vent professionally cleaned and inspect the washing machine water supply hoses. Also draining some types of water heaters can help remove sediment that may have built up.
• Check indoor and outdoor faucets for any leaks.
• Trim trees that could cause damage to the property with broken limbs.
• Repair cracks in concrete, stucco or asphalt.