Reasons to Buy Local vs. a National Franchise

Buy LocalHow do you buy local vs franchise a company?

First, one needs to be able to identify a locally owned and operated company verses a national franchise company. National franchises may be located in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Miami or anywhere in between and operate as brokers for work. Local companies have local phone numbers and usually show up on local Google maps. Does their area code begin with an 888, 885 or 800 prefix? Do they have multiple major cities listed on their website? Chances are they’re not located in your neighborhood. If you want to do additional checking, Google the company name along with another major city (St. Louis, Louisville, and Chicago) and see if the provider in question shows up.

Why should you buy local?

When shopping from the franchise companies, it’s easy to forget how critical small, independent businesses are to our economy. Small businesses account for over half of private sector jobs and over 60% of new jobs created. The primary objective of the franchise giant is to generate as much revenue as possible, while incurring as few costs – including jobs – as they can. Local business owners contribute to non-profits and community organizations with money, time and leadership. It is in their best interest to be vested members of their communities. Shopping locally is another way to give back to our communities by supporting the economy and maintaining job growth in our neighborhood. In return, you receive a higher quality of service from people who live and work within your neighborhood or community.

What about the Value?

Buying local doesn’t have to cost more. Local business people work hard to remain competitive pricing and often build in more value as an added incentive. Do some comparison shopping and you’ll be surprised what kind of bargains await you just down the street. As an added benefit, purchasing services in your own community keeps tax revenues where you can actually see them. Small local entrepreneurs are a plan worth supporting.

Our company, Memphis Mold Inspector, is a local business here in Memphis that supports buying local services and products when possible. Please contact our locally owned and operated business if we can assist you with any mold questions and/or issues. 901.292.7788