How to Prevent Mold – Mold’s Secret Enemy

Mold’s Secret Enemy

Want to know how to prevent mold?

Mold has a secret enemy… Moving Air. Mold needs moisture and a food source to thrive. Used correctly moving air will help keep mold at bay. Moving air will help dry overly damp surfaces. Remember, mold needs moisture to exist and be viable. Therefore, moving air is a mold adversary and can help you defeat this pathogen. This article is to bring attention to different ways that one can use to move air, to defeat the enemy, in your home.

The easiest way to keep air moving and a way the Indoor Air Quality Technicians (IAQ) readily endorse is to put your HVAC system on “run” and not on the “auto” mode. This circulates air through your ductwork 24-7 as well as passes more air through your filtering system. With a system having a recommended MERV 7 rated filter and treated with an anti-microbial this will remove mold spores, allergens, and bacteria. Indoor air quality technicians (IAQ) say if you don’t have a good filtering system, then your lungs are the filter. A second way to move air is to install a good air purification system to move the air, reduce dust, spores and improve overall air quality (see web site for BLS12K system). Although not an actual way to move air but another way to increase airflow in your home is to keep closet doors ajar or replace them with vented doors. The next way to move air is to use your vent-a-hood when cooking, cleaning and dishwashing. Leave exhaust fans on when bathing/showering and keep them running long enough to remove moisture from the room. Another common way to move air is to run your ceiling fans. These are all easy solutions to help keep mold down to a manageable level by filtering out impurities and helping dry out mold’s moisture source.

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