Mold Testing vs IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) Profile

Indoor Air QualityWhen you request a mold test and inspection from Memphis Mold Inspector, you should know what to expect. The first step is to conduct a walk-through evaluation of your home or business. This initial visual inspection helps us determine the number of interior samples will be needed, in addition to our standard outside control sample. At this time, we also conduct a preliminary interview with our client to gain a better understanding of what led them to suspect the presence of mold, as well as any health issues that may have occurred in relation to it.

Moisture checks and humidity readings are then performed to determine if conditions fall within the accepted ranges. If it is determined at that point that further tests are necessary, air and surface samples are collected and sent to a lab for further evaluation. Results are then compiled and presented to the client, along with a plan of action, if needed. This entire process is overseen by Stan Moser, who is the only licensed mold assessor in the Mid-South.

What is an IAQ (indoor air quality) profile?

If you suspect your property requires an inspection that covers more than just mold, an IAQ (indoor air quality) profile may be what you need. It begins with the basic mold inspection outlined above, and takes it a few steps farther. A VOC (volatile organic compounds) air sample is taken as well as a MVOC (microbial volatile organic compound) air sample. These are tests that tell us if the spaces contain any undesirable gases or organisms that need addressing. Then, up to four surface bacteria readings are taken throughout the interior area as well. As with the basic mold inspection, the tests are sent off to the lab for evaluation. The results of all of these tests are compiled into an IAQ profile which provides a detailed assessment of the health of your interior space. If sanitation or remediation is deemed necessary, we will work with you to formulate a plan to return you home or business to a healthy environment for those who live or work there.

For more information, please contact Stan Moser at 901.292.7788.