Testing for Mold in Memphis – Mold Testing Memphis

Mold Testing MemphisDid you know Memphis is the number two city in the country with the highest levels of allergens and mold?

This is why testing for mold in Memphis has a more crucial significance than other major cities such as: Cleveland, Birmingham, Pensacola or even Atlanta. These high levels of allergens and mold are the number one irritant to most of our Memphis residents.

What if you can smell it but can’t see it? Mold Testing Memphis is necessary because mold spores – especially when airborne, are not visible to the naked eye, therefore they are undetectable. Memphis Mold Inspector recognizes this and understands all structures have some form or counts of mold. We are testing for unusual, excessive and mold count anomalies that would indicate mold and moisture issues. In a few simple steps Memphis Mold Inspector can reveal any potential mold.

  1. Air-O-Cell testing will expose mold if levels are in excess or concern to your natural environment.
  2. Air-O-Cell testing will determine if mold levels exceed allergenic or pathogenic levels.
  3. Air sampling and moisture readings can help determine if mold is dormant (nonliving) or in a viable (Living) state.

Mold Testing in Memphis

Do not delay, get your home or office tested for mold. Memphis Mold Inspector will expose any mold issues and provide an easy solution for your situation. Let us put your mind at ease by eliminating any possible mold issue; contact Memphis Mold Inspector for your Mold Testing – 901.292.7788.

If you would like more information on what Memphis Mold Inspector can do or would like more details on the products we use, please visit our website at http://memphismoldinspector.com/